How we live today?

Historically developed fuel and energy infrastructure in Belarus allows receiving a natural gas, petroleum, and electrical power by the cheapest and favourable ways. At the world price for 1000 m3 of a natural gas at 85-90 US dollars, on border with Russia we pay only half from this cost. Russia manages is kind to us. It is done, certainly not for beautiful eyes of our Beauty Belarus.Simple we are situated in a very convenient place: the large part of ways from Russia to Central and Western Europe runs through our country. These are gas and petroleum mains, car, railway and airways. Moreover, while it so, the easygoing attitude of Russian power man to us is provided. In Russia the stores of only reconnoitred organic fuel, as for today, is enough for its own consumption and export on 60 and more years. The geopolitics arrangement of Belarus can serve as a security of safety ensuring of republic by heat power resources at least for the foreseeable term. Moreover,for these years the Republic is simply obliged to make important steps in a direction of civilized and reasonable utilization of energy resources.

Concerning the electric power acquired by us on the Ignalina and Smolensk nuclear power plant, we already spoke. If you remember, this power is acquired by us under very low prices.

So, about what energy crisis it is possible to speak, when the fuel and energy resources received by Republic, under low prices and they arrive in guaranteed amounts, which we can afford to pay? Furthermore, our own power plants work with the big under loading.

That crisis which “atomic lobbyists” indicate to us, does not threaten to Belarus. True crisis can cover the Belarusian power supply system and all economy of country not because of the lack of fuel, and because of unsatisfactory availability index of product of the equipment.

Is, in fact, one more situation at which everything, that is capable to frame our people, can be destroyed at one stroke. It will happen, “atomic lobbyists” nevertheless will manage to carry out the premeditations. You in fact already know, in how much such “technical miracle” could cost. For economy of Belarus, it would be a fatal blow. Not speaking already about huge danger of it to people and nature of our country. Nevertheless, we hardly trust that the reason of people of Belarus will not admit metamorphosis of country into trial and demonstration polygon of an international atomic mafia.

Therefore, today the main task of Belarus appears a problem of upgrade of the existing power equipment and nets with their finishing up to the level long time ago achieved by advanced countries of the world.

Unfortunately, in Belarus until now defining the direction of intensive escalating of power capacities continues to be considered. Thus, basic changes of tendencies of development of the world fuel and energy complex are not noticed essentially. Possibilities of import and export of the electric power, lowering of power consumption of released production, energy saving policies, approaching market economy both in energy and in economy as a whole is not considered.

Today Belarus has the unique possibilities connected to low loading of own power capacities and rather low prices on imported power supplies. It frames profitable conditions for carrying out of reconstruction of power plants with an introduction of new technologies of utilization of gaseous fuel, for accomplishment of reconstruction of electrical networks for export - import of the electric power, etc. Unfortunately, these possibilities either are not used in general, or used extremely “modestly”.

Till now only one reconstruction was made of the Orsha thermal power plant. Utilization on it of steam-gaseous installation of French production has allowed increasing electrical capacity from 60 MW up to 75,4 MW and thermal capacity from 420 MW up to 534 MW. Thus, average specific consumption of fuel (in standard units) has declined from about 318 gram/kW-hour to 194 gram/kW-hour that makes almost 40 percents. An efficiency of reconstructed thermal power plant has increased up to 81 percents. The economies of fuel (in standard units) will make 70 thousand tons annually. It is equal to 1.200 cars of mineral coal. Impressing economies! Moreover, in fact it will be yielded only by one small thermal power plant.

Furthermore, experts of energy consider that at reconstruction of Orsha thermal power plant have been purchased not the best equipment. Consequently, the effect could be much higher. But also it while only one reconstructed object. In 1996 the technical-and-economic assessment on reconstruction of Beryozovskaya state district power plant has been developed. The expediency and an economic efficiency of such reconstruction are indisputable. Nevertheless, alas, “things are right where they started”.

Rather essential role in creation of the energy balance of Belarus can play wood and combustible slates which until now are used in slight quantities and such aboriginal raw products, as peat. High-energy fuel and the most valuable raw product is the lignin which solid deposits are accrued at two enterprises of Republic in Retchitsa and Baranovichi. Combustion of this fuel in producer-gas systems allows receiving efficiency up to 80 percents and higher.

About opportunities of utilization of such renewable energy sources as power of the Sun and wind, we already talked with you in detail. Today already, no one has doubts that this direction becomes one of the major in development of energy of the future. Even on IAEA data which interest in wide utilization of renewable energy sources invokes serious doubts, over 20 percents of world requirements for the electric power are satisfied at the expense of renewable sources (see [29], page 3-4). Nevertheless, alas, in these questions Belarus and Russia while are at the tail end, in the company of the most backward countries.